Tailor-Made Solutions

Tailor-Made Solutions


We are the biggest and leading provider of information systems for pharmacies in Slovenia, which is a claim we can support with the list of our references and the fact that our solutions are used in more than half of all of the pharmacies in Slovenia.

We provide comprehensive solutions for pharmacies, galenic laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies.

Our software allows pharmacies to plan, track, and analyze their business operations, and it provides support in the distribution/sales of medicine and assistive devices as well as the sale of other goods.

The solution allows pharmacies to consistently track medicines and goods and their expiration dates from the moment that they receive them until they distribute/sell them.

It supports:

  • Interventions,
  • SMPC (Summary of product characteristics),
  • Exchange of drugs between pharmacies,
  • Drug interactions and contraindications,
  • Loyalty cards – bonuses module,
  • Collection center,
  • Integration with an automated warehouse,
  • Sales in vending machines,
  • Personal medicine charts,
  • Reviews of medicine use, etc.


Software especially tailored for work on remote locations, such as construction sites, provides comprehensive or customized solutions for construction companies. It gives you more control over the events and makes it easier to run projects at several locations.

Our software allows you to monitor your vehicles (their current location), the operation of construction equipment and machines, and the weight of material when integrated with a scale (data on weight are transferred to the database), and to enter plans for individual organizational units and monitor their implementation, keep records of weighing charts, and conduct other tasks that would otherwise require a lot of time and driving.

Manufacturing, Distribution, and Sales

Our software provides comprehensive or tailor-made solutions for retail and wholesale, which are often connected with distribution and logistics. Our software supports the management, processing, and organization of purchase and sales processes according to Good Distribution Practice (GDP – (the quality-control system in the pharmaceutical industry), and a warehouse management system for any number and type of warehouses. The main advantage of our solution is that it supports tracing of items from their arrival to the warehouse at a certain location, up to the moment that they are sold.

It includes:

  • A data exchange center,
  • A computer data exchange system,
  • Accepting online orders,
  • eBilling.

To make it even simpler and convenient to use, the software also supports product traceability from the production line to the warehouse by using smartphones or handheld devices. Data is logged in the database so that the records of products in manufacturing and the warehouse are always up to date.

Public Utility

Alongside the general business features, our software also provides the solution for periodic billing and invoicing. The software is especially suitable for various public utility and housing management companies as well as other businesses that issue invoices or bills monthly.

It includes:

  • Waste collection billing,
  • Water consumption billing,
  • Rent and maintenance cost billing.