Microsoft Licenses and Solutions

We are one of the biggest Microsoft partners in Slovenia with the Microsoft Silver Certified Partner status.

As a Microsoft partner, we provide:

  • Sales of Microsoft licenses to businesses,
  • Assistance with selecting the optimum licensing model to meet users’ needs,
  • Setting up and developing computer infrastructure using Microsoft technologies,
  • Network infrastructure optimization.

What Is a License?

A lot of software is copyright protected, so using it without a license is not permitted and represents a serious legal violation.

Software license is a legal act determining the method of using and distributing software. A user obtains it by purchasing the software and signing the End-User License Agreement (EULA), which defines the rights and ways of using said software. The price of the license is set by the software maker.


Office 365 – All of the Programs You Need, Anytime You Need Them

The Office 365 service includes all of Microsoft products that companies require for day-to-day operations, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, OneDrive, Skype, PowerPoint, OneNote, and others. The Office 365 service is created for teamwork, giving users access to email, documents, calendar, and business partners. It is designed to be securely and conveniently accessible from smartphones (iPhone, Android) as well as notebooks and desktop PCs. Microsoft programs are updated automatically, with the latest versions allowing you to create, edit, and share documents on a Windows or Mac computer, or on mobile devices running an iOS or Android operating system.

Office 365 is the best solution for businesses. It introduces new communication means to internal company communication as well as communication with your suppliers and customers, and team work.

Find out more about Office 365.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) – Purchasing Licenses

Permanent licenses can be purchased exclusively with a new computer. This applies to individual licensing, tied to basic computer components (motherboard, processor, disk, memory). These licenses are non-transferable and only valid as long as the computer is operational. A pack of OEM licenses includes the installation disk and a Certificate of Authenticity sticker. It includes the right to downgrade to a previous version of the operating system.

GGK (Get Genuine Kit) – Purchasing Licenses

This license is intended for subsequently licensing operating systems for computers already in use. It is a type of individual licensing, as the license is non-transferable to other devices. It does not include the right to downgrade to an older version of the software. A pack includes the installation disk and a Certificate of Authenticity sticker.

FPP (Full Packaged Products) – Purchasing Licenses

This is a transferable license that can be activated up to 3 times. It is a type of individual licensing.

It does not include the right to downgrade to an older version of the software, and it comes with an installation disk and a Certificate of Authenticity sticker. All Microsoft products can be purchased under such license, except for Microsoft Office PRO.

OLP (Open License Program) – Purchasing Licenses

This is a form of group licensing that requires purchasing a minimum of 5 licenses, a solution especially suitable for companies. Licenses remain in the permanent ownership of the customer, and with the first purchase an agreement is concluded that allows the purchase of additional products under the same terms for two more years. After two years, the customer must purchase at least more 5 licenses to renew the agreement. Licenses are tied to the company, and the payment is a one-time charge. This licensing model also has the option of adding Software Assurance, i.e. the right of the customer to use the latest software versions for the duration of the agreement, that is, the right to automatic upgrades.

OVS (Open Value Subscription) – Leasing Licenses

This is a leasing agreement. The condition for concluding such an agreement is at least 5 suitable computers. The agreement is signed for 3 years, and the license lease is paid yearly. After the 3 years, the customer may conclude a new agreement, purchase the licenses, or terminate the agreement.



Microsoft SharePoint allows companies to develop their own smart portals for seamlessly connecting users, teams, and knowledge, so that users can access the relevant information in the business processes in the best possible way.

Years of experience and know-how allow us to help companies with:

  • Planning and customizing SharePoint to fit their business needs,
  • The structural, content, and technical setup of SharePoint to fit their business needs,
  • SharePoint integration with ORKA.erp or other business and information systems,
  • Establishing technical solutions, programmed for SharePoint, such as features for approving vacation requests, booking vehicles and premises, organizing employee training, recording work time, etc.
  • SharePoint hosting and maintenance on your own infrastructure, a private cloud or in Office 365/Azure.