iSTOR – Secure Archiving

Nothing is more important in today’s business world than storing business data securely.

iSTOR is a fully-automated solution for archiving your data. We are aware of the importance of data security and availability for the successful operation of your company, and we ensure that your data is stored securely at several remote locations. This reduces the possibility of your data being lost or stolen, and makes it possible for you to focus on your day-to-day business.

Key advantages of the iStor solution:

  • Centralized management for all locations and devices included in the archiving process,
  • Data de-duplication at the global level,
  • Support for various types of strong encryption,
  • Support for various types of compression,
  • Agents for the majority of most popular services (Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, etc.),
  • Secure data purging after the end of the archive’s set life, cycle,
  • Billing by the storage capacity used in the iStor data center, regardless of the number of devices included in archiving.

Users with larger data amounts can opt for an iStor device to be installed in their IT environment. In this case, archiving is first done locally, and the data are transferred over the Internet later on to iStor’s secure data centers. This makes data archiving as well as subsequent data restoring fast and simple.